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Scoring systems for ICU and surgical patients:

MODS (Multiple Organ Dysfunction Score)

Respiratory (help)
Hépatic (Bilirubin)
Cardio-vascular (help)

Glasgow (help)

Renal (Creatinine)

Total MODS =
Parameters are evaluated on admission as a prognostic indicator (possibly over the ICU stay as an outcome measure)

Ref : Marschall JC et al. Multiple Organ Dysfunction Score : a reliable descriptor of a complex clinical outcome. Crit Care med.1995;23:1638-52

Score ICU Mortality Hospital Mortality ICU Stay
0 0% 0%
2 Days
1-4 1-2% 7%
3 Days
5-8 3-5% 16%
6 Days
9-12 25% 50%
10 Days
13-16 50% 70%
17 Days
17-20 75% 82%
21 Days
21-24 100% 100%
(Performance of the MODS in the entire study population)

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HR Pressure adjusted heart rate
CVP mmHg
MAP mmHg

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The PaO2 / FiO2 ratio is calculated without reference to the use of mode of mechanical ventilation and without reference to the use of PEEP.

The serum creatinine concentration is measured without reference to the use of dialysis.

Glasgow Coma Score is preferably calculated by the patient's nurse, and is scored conservatively ( for the patient receiving sedation or muscle relaxants, normal function is assumed, unless there is evidence of intrinsically altered mentation).

Eyes Open Verbal Motor
To speech
To pain
Converses / Oriented
Converses / Disoriented
Localizes pain
Withdraws (flexion)
Decorticate (flexion) rigidity
Decerebrate (extension) rigidity

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